A Software Sales Recruiter Suggests Three Ways to Find Great Software Sales Jobs

Software sales recruiters can help you find interesting and challenging positions at the executive level, but they aren’t the only way to find a job that fits your skills set and interests. One recruiter recently put together a few ways to broaden your search for a new position in the industry so that you’ll have more opportunities to pursue your career dreams.

Internal Listings May Offer New Opportunities

Many of the largest and most successful companies promote from within. If you’re already at or near management level or are looking for an executive position, keep track of internal job listings by reviewing them at least once a month. These listings often fill quickly, so don’t expect that plum job listing to still be there three months from now. When you see it, don’t waste any time submitting your resume and letting the powers that be know that you’re interested.

You can also broaden the scope of your internal search by considering lateral moves to positions in other departments or divisions that may grant you more opportunities for moving up the ladder in the future. Sometimes you’ll find great software sales jobs that can open new doors for you if you simply learn more about a new product that will soon be launched. Keeping ahead of the game is essential when you’re applying for internal opportunities.

Creative Networking Can Lead To New Software Sales Jobs

Many people assume that networking means interacting more with colleagues and competitors and making sure you’re looking for a new position. In fact, networking is more about selling yourself than finding your next opportunity. Always have an updated resume on file so that you can provide it when someone asks for it. Volunteer to attend trade shows and conventions, where many businesses will have jobs posted in hopes of filling several key positions in one weekend.

Be willing to give lectures to establish yourself as an authority in a particular aspect of selling or marketing and you may soon be fending off offers from companies who now perceive you as the key to improving their bottom line. Keep in contact with people at your old job, colleagues who went to college with you, and any others who could introduce you to prospective employers. Don’t neglect these contacts over the years; they can be a gold mine when you’re looking for a new position.

Software Sales Recruiters

Yes, software sales recruiters are still relevant in today’s increasingly competitive market. They will be able to match you with positions they’re working on for a variety of client companies. Since many businesses rely on these recruiters to fill higher level positions, you’ll have the chance to review job postings that are the cream of the crop. Keep in mind that these job opportunities may never be posted online, so a recruiter may be the only way you’ll hear about that dream job. Because they work only on an executive level with high income positions, these recruiters will work closely with you, helping you hone your resume and improve your interviewing skills, and guide you throughout the interview process.

Regardless of how you go about your search for a great software sales job, keep in mind that software sales recruiters not only help their client companies; they can help you build a solid relationship with client companies throughout the interview process. Even if you don’t get the job today, you will have established valuable contacts for the future.

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Social Media Marketing – A Broad Reaching Social Technology

Social media marketing is really a rapidly growing technology that allows the ways and means for people to interact socially. Examples of social media marketing tools are Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and You Tube. Defined, it means using such online tools such as blogs, marketing, customer service, advertising, and public relations. There are some fundamental concepts to this marketing venue that comprise its basic online activities like creating a buzz which is a way to attract attention. Buzz is perhaps what makes online social networking work. It relies on news worthy events, blogs, videos, and even tweeting. It is a very powerful marketing tool.

Being an advertising method, social media marketing is a method that relies on various online social network services which can be email or instant messaging for example. Social networking websites are becoming huge communication sites where people gather to share information, news, and idle chat. Recently many of these services like MySpace, Twitter, and Linkedln have developed ways to combine conventional email and instant messaging into their services. Until fairly recently these type of social networking tools were thought to be used only by techies and nerds. Nowadays, more and more people want to know how to use these services for marketing their brands.

Historically speaking, online social media marketing has been around for several years. People have been connecting to blogs for the past couple of years and even before the World Wide Web was created, folks were connecting to Usenet News. Actually, the early dial-up bulletin board services users were exchanging primitive text messages and limited graphics. There are some interesting parallels between the early days of online social networking and today’s most popular tools and services. That’s good news for the aspiring online marketing entrepreneur. If you are looking to market something online, this venue has some powerful capabilities for your business.

If you want to use online social media marketing as a means to promote your business, there are several thinks to consider. The key to remember when using this tool to market your business is that you have to target people who have a common interest in your brand. If you develop online social friends that have your same interests your community will grow as more people run across your blogs and posts. It’s analogous to using word of mouth to get your brand popularized. Your social networking can bring new friends into the fold for your business marketing efforts.

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Create Successful Content Marketing Campaigns

Advertisers have better potential of seeing high conversion rates with the right content marketing strategy. Research done by the Content Marketing Association (CMA) shows that over 60% of marketers use content marketing, meaning they create and run organic marketing campaigns to leverage more business and grow their customer base. Many companies see it as a way to develop brand awareness and nurture long-term relationships with their partners and consumers.

So where should a company start? Which format should they use? Which is the most effective? The options for content marketing have gradually multiplied due to access to new information and continuing technological advancements. A marketer new to the content market scene might feel overwhelmed with too many choices. Hopefully, the below will shed some light on which direction to take.

Content Marketing Formats

As mentioned above, a number of content marketing formats exist and the list keeps growing. Some of the most commonly used formats include:

• Scrolling Websites – traditional websites
• Blogs – an ongoing forum with posts that discuss industry and brand-related topics
• Social Media Profiles – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
• Webinars – online seminars that offer participants information about a product, service or brand
• eBooks – published works distributed electronically for ease of use
• Podcasts – similar to a blog, an ongoing verbal discussion of industry and brand-related topics
• Infographics – creative images used to communicate research and other relevant information
• Case Studies – compiled research relating to an industry or brand, especially in relation to consumers
• Video Advertisements – commercial-like advertisements displayed as embedded ads on websites or as a precursor to other online videos
• User Reviews & Testimonials – real-life feedback from past or current customers who can speak to the quality and effectiveness of a service or product
• Web Forums – online discussion boards where people can discuss any topic of interest or pose questions to people who may have informed answers
• Mobile Apps – downloadable apps on mobile devices that can provide information and offers similar to what is displayed on a traditional website

Ease of Use

Marketers familiar with content marketing agree that images (including infographics), websites and blogs are the easiest formats to build, share and maintain. The creation of an infographic may be labor-intensive considering the time it will take to gather research and design a layout, but once created, it can be re-shared and revised with little effort. Similarly, a scrolling website requires a lot of startup hours but is easily regulated once it’s completely built and functional.

Blogs require more attention than sites and images simply because posts should be added frequently to create buzz and establish a loyal following. However, companies have several blog platforms to choose from. These platforms link the content directly to a company’s site and even have built-in templates that allow users to publish new posts by clicking through a few buttons.

Most Effective Formats

Further research done by MarketingSherpa shows that advertisers consider blogs, video ads and social media profiles to be the most effective means of content marketing. Almost one-third of marketers rank blogs the highest due to value they can provide to customers on a frequent basis. An effective blog gives the reader information either about a product, service or industry that they can apply to their daily lives. The more useful they find the content, the more likely they are to follow the ongoing posts and consider the brand during their next buying decision.

While video ads rank second to blogs in their effectiveness, they aren’t used as widely as they should be. It could be that companies are deterred by the cost of production and lack of knowledge on creating a quality video ad. However, it’s one of the best choices for a company using content marketing because they can easily link their add to existing videos, capitalizing on the exposure to the general public that companies like YouTube can offer. YouTube, after all, is the second-most used search engine next to Google. Mass viewership opportunities are more prevalent with video ads than any other format!

Lastly, social media is considered highly effective due to the versatility it offers. A brand can have profiles on multiple platforms that all redirect back to their website. The more attention the profiles get, the more likely it is that a company’s homepage will see more traffic. Marketers need to be especially diligent with their social media campaigns if they want to generate revenue. The profiles require daily attention and while all content is good content, conversion rates will only grow if the posts have a clear call to action. If companies aren’t asking followers to engage with their brand on a regular basis, they’re missing out on potential revenue that social media can help acquire.

When developing a content marketing strategy, brands should keep two things in mind. First, while studies might show one format is more effective than another, the channels used aren’t necessarily the keys to success. A company needs to decide what they want to share and then decide what on the best format for that information. Not all content will get the same response across the board. Second, having a mixed strategy will result the best outcome. Using multiple formats, despite how experienced marketers may have ranked them, will allow companies to gauge which venue works best for reaching their target demographic.

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Fun Games To Play To Improve Memory Can Take on Many Forms

People can learn much easier when they are having fun. In fact, the majority of the animal kingdom teach their young the skills needed to survive through games. So when you want to learn something, getting some fun in would be a tremendous help. Enhancing your memory can also be said to be a learning experience, so looking for games to play to improve memory can be an efficient way to boost brainpower. Because they can be created from anything, games that improve memory can take on many forms, from simple to incredibly creative.

Video and Computer Games

Computer games, especially the more complex ones, can actually help a person’s visual and spatial awareness. They can also be great settings for games to play to improve memory. For instance, a number of video games like first person shooter games or world-building games require you to keep track of the map and the places you have been, as well as your companions if you are in a multi-player game. The more complex PC or console games require that you memorize a set of keys to make the character act in particular ways, and many of the missions or quests require brains to solve and complete. Who would have thought that these games would actually help your brain improve? It’s definitely not an excuse to cut school though.

Card Games and More

There are many games to play to improve memory that are not video games or digital. Card games are one of the simplest. The pair matching card game, for instance is something you can accomplish with a normal card deck. There are also more than a few toys that can help you improve memory. The classic electronic game called Simon is an example. Simply by visiting the nearest toy store, you can choose from quite a selection. The best thing is that you can invite friends over to play these games with you if you don’t want to play along. They can also be great games to bond over with family.

Fun, Fun, and More Fun

Looking for games to play to improve memory is not that hard, but you can also create your own games easily and with themes of your choice. The more you play and have fun, the more you will realize that you are remembering more than before. The thought of improving memory while doing the things you do for fun is quite a deviation from normal schooling to learn things, isn’t it? To learn, try not to think of what you are doing as learning, but as entertainment and a chance to do something enjoyable. In less time than you might think, you will stop worrying about forgetting the names of your new acquaintances or the places where you put your car keys.

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