Keystroke Software (Key Loggers)

In order to understand and eliminate key loggers we need to appreciate how they work, you will find basically two types of key loggers, hardware along with software both have advantages in their own right. We will examine each one.

Hardware key logger

Hardware key loggers are undetectable they do not show up when scanning with spyware or anti virus software, simply plug it in to the PC keyboard and recording starts instantly.

Easiest way is to use a hardware keylogger

  • Installs in ten seconds flat simply plug it in and away you go
  • Computer not plugged in absolutely no issue, recording starts as soon as the computer is started
  • Can be fitted without logging in
  • Retrieving the information is just a matter of removing the devise and use another computer to access the information
  • On the down site you must get behind the computer so that you can plug it in

There’s two types of computer hardware sky loggers a PS2 plug that is open on both ends and installs between the key board and your PC, the same goes for the second device a USB flash drive recording starts instantly

How to detect hardware keyloggers

  • Undetectable through any type of software scanners.
  • The device is invisible running on the host computer.
  • Data recorded can be secured with up to 128-bit security encryption.
  • It only takes few minutes to download the recorded data.

Safest procedure

  • Hardware key loggers are effective on a Macs or A linux system PC.
  • Works for just about any OS, which include windows.
  • Superior file back up – if the host computer crashes, the data is still intact.
  • Device runs independently of the operating system.

Keystroke Software.

  • Requires an account password to log on the pc.
  • Requires administration rights to install.
  • The software must be installed on the computer one way or the other.
  • Can record operating system details such as web-site file size, and many more.
  • Virus scanners can detect and remove the software.
  • Anti spyware computer software will alert an individual if a software program key logger is running on the PC..
  • The software key logger can be disabled by the end user for a time period this function can be useful,if you want the software to only run at certain times.
  • If you download programs make sure you record all downloads at ASAP
  • Keystroke software Will not affect a modern Macs and a Linux computer systems.
  • Is effective on Windows OS (might not work on Windows 7 or Windows vista).
  • Some application key loggers will crash the host pc, if macro programs are installed.
  • In the event that the OS is reinstalled, the software key logger will likely be removed.
  • If the computer system lock-ups, and crashes the registered info will be permanently lost.

How to get rid of Key loggers:

Hardware Key loggers can be prevented, you have to pay close attention to the computer and the network. You have to be mindful while giving someone access to the hardware. Pay close attention to the wires and your computer keyboard. To get rid of key stroke software, there are actually several techniques employed, dependent on the type of key logger program being used. Following techniques can be used to assist you.

Work with Anti-spywares. Most of the anti keystroke software’s are generally freeware and will recognize most of the important software key loggers, and remove these altogether. So start using a top quality Stop-Malware application.

Use Firewalls, Fire walls do not eliminate key loggers, even so they are valuable in shielding your computer from the internet and will protect against anyone connecting to your computer as well as stopping outgoing data from being transmitted.

Automated form filler applications: This is a good approach to confidentially enter passwords and other critical data, without using the computer keyboards. Something like Search engines toolbar. But if you’d like to prevent key loggers from being installed on your PC that way, then you have to make sure the program that you are using is dependable and secure.

Web based keyboards. Many websites offer you an online computer keyboard you can use, it has all the regular functions of any keyboard, by using your mouse. No keystrokes are being used, and no recording takes place.

There are many different methods of utilization of substitute keyboard, Speech Recognitions, Handwriting recognition and so forth., It does not work very well as of yet, this option is not popular for most people.

I wish to introduce you to a excellent little anti keystroke software that I came across, that may take away the fear and worry in regards to key logger software, It works basically by encrypting every stroke you do on the keyboard, and best of all its free. Now in conclusion never use computers in public places to conduct any kind of personal business.

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