A Software Sales Recruiter Suggests Three Ways to Find Great Software Sales Jobs

Software sales recruiters can help you find interesting and challenging positions at the executive level, but they aren’t the only way to find a job that fits your skills set and interests. One recruiter recently put together a few ways to broaden your search for a new position in the industry so that you’ll have more opportunities to pursue your career dreams.

Internal Listings May Offer New Opportunities

Many of the largest and most successful companies promote from within. If you’re already at or near management level or are looking for an executive position, keep track of internal job listings by reviewing them at least once a month. These listings often fill quickly, so don’t expect that plum job listing to still be there three months from now. When you see it, don’t waste any time submitting your resume and letting the powers that be know that you’re interested.

You can also broaden the scope of your internal search by considering lateral moves to positions in other departments or divisions that may grant you more opportunities for moving up the ladder in the future. Sometimes you’ll find great software sales jobs that can open new doors for you if you simply learn more about a new product that will soon be launched. Keeping ahead of the game is essential when you’re applying for internal opportunities.

Creative Networking Can Lead To New Software Sales Jobs

Many people assume that networking means interacting more with colleagues and competitors and making sure you’re looking for a new position. In fact, networking is more about selling yourself than finding your next opportunity. Always have an updated resume on file so that you can provide it when someone asks for it. Volunteer to attend trade shows and conventions, where many businesses will have jobs posted in hopes of filling several key positions in one weekend.

Be willing to give lectures to establish yourself as an authority in a particular aspect of selling or marketing and you may soon be fending off offers from companies who now perceive you as the key to improving their bottom line. Keep in contact with people at your old job, colleagues who went to college with you, and any others who could introduce you to prospective employers. Don’t neglect these contacts over the years; they can be a gold mine when you’re looking for a new position.

Software Sales Recruiters

Yes, software sales recruiters are still relevant in today’s increasingly competitive market. They will be able to match you with positions they’re working on for a variety of client companies. Since many businesses rely on these recruiters to fill higher level positions, you’ll have the chance to review job postings that are the cream of the crop. Keep in mind that these job opportunities may never be posted online, so a recruiter may be the only way you’ll hear about that dream job. Because they work only on an executive level with high income positions, these recruiters will work closely with you, helping you hone your resume and improve your interviewing skills, and guide you throughout the interview process.

Regardless of how you go about your search for a great software sales job, keep in mind that software sales recruiters not only help their client companies; they can help you build a solid relationship with client companies throughout the interview process. Even if you don’t get the job today, you will have established valuable contacts for the future.

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