Samsung Galaxy S: The Ultimate Device With All Its Pros and Cons

In the marketplace of mobile phone brands there are too many choices for the users. However, stands apart with range of high end features and facilities in its gadgets. It is in the battle of excellence for long now. But all models do not meet up to the level of excellence for the users and here Samsung Galaxy S contract deals can lead by examples. Not only with handsets but also with facilities from networks these deals are favourite of users all over the world.

Run by a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor which is powered by PowerVR SGX540 GPU and Hummingbird chipset, it can offer great speed in operations. Moreover it is also be easy to handle and carry with you for smart and sleek designs of it. With dimension of 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 mm and weight of 119 g, it can be user’s delight to carry it. The Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen comes with applications of modern features like Gorilla Glass display, TouchWiz 3.0 UI, Multi-touch input method, Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, Touch-sensitive controls, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, Swype text input and others. The phone never let feel lack of space for putting all your required data in it with 8 GB internal memory that can again be expanded up to 32 GB with micro SD cards.

Geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection and auto focus are some high end camera features that can come in tune with your photo taking needs with the 5 mega pixel camera in the gadget. Also get super connectivity with class 12 GPRS and EDGE features in the gadget. Reach any of your favourite site from the gadget at ease and conveniently. The Samsung Galaxy S O2 deals are highly sought after in the UK market. Along with high speed single you also can get several interesting offers like offers of free talktime, offers of free texts, offers of free gifts like gaming consoles, wide screen TVs, laptops and others. So, search for Samsung Galaxy S contract deals and make the best of phone deals.

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Review Of The Best Beat Making Software Out – Dr Drum Digital Beat Making Software

Due to its intensely personal nature and the emotions that it inspires, music is an essential part of daily living around the world. In fact, past cultures like the Aztecs took their fine arts so seriously that musicians were executed if they made mistakes during performances. Although for a long time production was best left in the hands of professionals, beats creating software like Dr. Drum Digital Beat Making has allowed anyone with a computer to make great tracks.


Available in download format, Dr. Drum really emphasizes the “digital” part of “digital beats creating software”. While it’s certainly true that there are a lot of powerful programs on the market that can be used to produce music, few are as intuitive as this one. Simple enough for an absolute beginner to figure out yet sophisticated enough to help an aspiring producer come up with tracks reminiscent of Timbaland, there’s no underestimating the opportunity to unleash that inner creativity with Dr. Drum. Since it can be used by both Mac users and PC users, there aren’t a lot of limits to what an individual can do with this beats making software.


Just a few of the qualities that separates this beats making software from others is the 16-track sequencer, the customizability, the ability to export .WAV files, and the stereo-quality final sound. On the actual production side, there are a number of drum kits available, a 12-pad drum sequence, a user-friendly interface, and the beats creating software comes with no shortage of fantastic samples and sound effects. There’s even the additional option of uploading finished tracks to YouTube. When the variety of instruments and the system compatibility is taken into account, it’s easy to see what this beats creating software has to offer.

What Other People Are Saying

On the whole, there were plenty of positive comments directed towards Dr. Drum Digital Beat Making Software. People seemed to appreciate the intuitive layout and the ease with which beats could be made using this beats creating software. The largely “point and click” style of the interface made it easy for beginners to hit the ground running after downloading this beats making software. The stereo quality of the final mix was also very popular with users. Perhaps the biggest perk associated with this beats creating software, was its versatility. Whether a buyer’s into R&B, Hip-Hop, Dance, or Rock and Roll, Dr. Drum places the power in the hands of the individual.

General Comments

Due to the fact that this beats creating software is still new, most people are still discovering what Dr. Drum Digital Beat Making Software is capable of to a large extent. Even so, it’s clear that this is a powerful program regardless of an individual’s intentions. The affordable costs and the many samples and FX available make this the ideal purchase for both hobbyists and those who are aiming to put together a few beats ahead of that upcoming house party.

Put simply, Dr. Drum Digital is an easy to use beats making software that truly simplifies the process of making music. It’s perfect for those who are operating on a tight budget and it produces high quality tracks. Download this top-notch beats creating software today.

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Fixing Slow Computer Speed By Upgrading The Operating System

Fixing slow computer speed can be attempted in several ways. One way is to upgrade the Windows operating system. You may want to do this, especially if the old OS is outdated. As well as upgrading to a new OS, it could get your PCs lost speed back. However, there is a catch, and because of this catch, sometimes upgrading to a newer Windows version won’t do the trick. This article will explain why and how to go about upgrading for greater speed.

When moving from an older operating system to a newer one, there are two courses of action you could take. One would be to buy the Windows upgrade and the other would be to buy the complete Windows operating system package. Of course, there is a different course of action needed if you are installing a complete package as opposed to if you are upgrading.

XP to Vista

To clarify this, let’s take an example. You now have Windows XP and you would like to upgrade to Vista. If you buy a Vista upgrade package you will be installing Windows Vista over Windows XP. In other words, the upgrade software will add all the files it needs to upgrade to Vista, but it won’t erase all the files on your hard drive. So, some of the files that might have been slowing your computer down might still be installed on your computer after your upgrade. This is the catch we’re talking about.

However, if you install a complete new Vista package, you will have to reformat your hard drive and then you will install Windows Vista and everything will be brand-new. Every file on your computer at this point will be pristine. Of course, before you formatted your hard drive you would have had to back up all of your files, such as your user files and your “my document” files. Actually, you should do this even if you are using the upgrade package because something might go wrong with the installation and it would prevent you from using these files.

So, whether you are upgrading or you are doing a complete install, you need to back up all your files. However, the point is, upgrading your operating system to gain computer speed, might not work. However, doing a complete install, provided your computer is in good shape, will do the trick. Then again, even if you didn’t upgrade but you simply reformatted your hard drive and installed your original Windows XP package, you probably would get all your computer’s speed back.

Or Cleaning the Registry

Possibly even simpler than this would be if you had run a registry cleaner before you upgraded. You may have found this would have gotten your lost speed back. The registry cleaner will erase the corrupted files that were slowing your computer down and write new files so your computer would return to its original fast speed.

Of course, re-installing your Windows XP wouldn’t give you a Windows Vista upgrade, but it would have worked as far as restoring your computer’s speed. Then again, running a registry cleaner would probably have gotten you computer’s speed back, too and it certainly would have been the easiest option.

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Modernizing Legacy Software Products Ensures ISV’s Survival

Technological disruptions and innovative business models have made traditional ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) almost extinct while transforming every business into a digital business. Some of the key drivers of this transformation include the adoption of the cloud and SaaS-based business model, which allow vendors to make a rapid transition from a cloud-first approach to cloud-only approach.

Clearly, ISVs have to modify themselves to reveal a higher level of technological competence in order to meet the exponential technological requirements of the businesses. In simple words, they need to acquire the expertise to deliver inventive solutions to their customers. On the contrary, if ISVs fail to modernize themselves, chances are, they may get extinct by 2025.

The challenges that a typical ISV faces in its modernization pursuit is that majority of the companies are still struggling to understand the need of transforming their business and systems. It is imperative to undergo the transformation of legacy systems and processes, nevertheless, the involved costs and risks are comparatively high. Transforming existing legacy systems without disrupting new systems and infrastructure, requires a system that provides an access to the existing systems.

Software products and their future:

· Let’s check that how technology and disrupted business models are impacting software products and ISVs.

· We are witnessing a shift from traditional software licensing model to Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model. Also, the enterprise software is rapidly transforming into enterprise SaaS.

· As businesses are gearing up for the adoption of transformative business models, they have started utilizing utility computing and SaaS, while moving from Capex to Opex model.

· The revolutionary shift to platform-centric world empowered businesses to operate in new ways. New platforms will support every software product as a producer, consumer or match-maker.

· Since businesses are becoming more interdependent and connected, ISVs will no longer have to handle software product’s configurations, integrations, and functions independently.

· Micro-services based architectures and digital applications will rapidly replace monolithic architectures and standalone applications.

· Universal computing, high-quality performance and consumer grade UX/DX/CX in enterprise SaaS applications will be driven by customer’s expectations and demands.

Factors stopping ISVs from getting modernized:

Though businesses are looking for technology modernization, still ISV’s are holding back themselves from modernizing their software products, why? Let’s check:

Outdated technologies and skills: The ISV are still running their thousands of software products on legacy technologies like Progress, FoxPro, COBOL etc., due to which their maintenance becomes difficult. Also, the developers and engineers who have built these software products, have the outdated skillset which is one of the biggest hindrances for ISV’s modernization. However, these engineers have skilled expertise in various legacy technologies, they lack much-needed skills required for modernizing ISVs.

Cost consideration: Undoubtedly, ISV had invested their significant resources, time, money to build enterprise-class software products/applications. Therefore, even after knowing the fact that the obsolete technology and the product have no future, they continue to run those software products. It is very usual for ISVs to get trapped by such cost considerations and finding it difficult to consider future requirements.

Fear of failure and risk aversion: Many ISVs have a perception that modernization is inherently risky practice with no certainties. Possibly, they are unsure of the right modernization strategy or maybe lacking required capacity and resources. Thus, for various reasons, risk-aversion and fear failure, ISVs keep the modernization discussion off the table.

Modernization and transformation is the only solution:

In this rapidly changing technological landscape, businesses are moving to digital platforms. If an ISV fails to do so, it may become extinct or die after a certain period. To avoid this death spiral, ISVs must rethink to adopt new technologies to transform their legacy software into digital native applications.

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