Discover the Open Programs on Your Windows Computer

Two applications are available for users that show them information about the applications on their PC. The program to run for checking which applications start with Windows is MS Config.

Checking startup with the MS configuration tool

Quite a few programs set themselves up to start when the computer boots. If the is getting slower every time you add a program, there’s a reason for that. Many software programs will install programs such as helping apps, loading apps, and scanning apps that start automatically. The problem is that all these extra programs load down your computer so it gets to be slower. Reality is that a lot of these apps aren’t necessary to be constantly in memory. If desired, you can view everything that Windows starts at boot time by using the Microsoft configuration tool.

Start the configuration tool by typing msconfig in the box. Use “Start” and then “Run” to get the box in windows XP. Click “Startup” to view the items that are starting with Windows. You’ll probably see more than what you expected here. You can select or clear the box that you see on the lefthand side of the screen that enables you to decide whether or not the line item will load with Windows. The rest of the information on this line shows who made the application that’s starting up, where that program’s executable is found on your drive and the path to the registry’s settings for the application. With MS Config under your belt, you are ready to find out what files and apps are in the PC’s memory right now.

View running apps with Task Manager

Do a 3-finger salute (CTRL+ALT+DEL) to start Windows’ secure options menu. Choose “Task Manager” from the menu. Visible on top is a screen that shows every application that is active in the operating system. To quit a program on this list, you’ll need to click the button to end the task. Remember that apps exist that might be running, yet won’t appear in the task list. These include (but are not limited to) spyware and viruses. For a more detailed list of what’s in your computer’s RAM, you can click the “Process” tab. This displays in real time every file that is loaded. There’s another “End” button on this tab that can be used to remove a file from memory.

Two approaches to isolating problem apps: Look them up or methodically remove them

A common method of isolating issues on a PC is to eliminate startup programs or to take them out of RAM one at a time. You can find out a lot about the items listed in Task Manager and in MSCONFIG by looking them up on Google. This is educational, but it can be a lengthy endeavor.

With the understanding of what programs start automatically and what programs are running in memory, you now have the power to make your PC do what you want.

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Lenovo LePad Coming Up

Lenovo most probably is the oldest, expert and whiz in manufacturing laptops. It makes it surely the recognized and eminent but not only for its style and other specs. But it is also known for its speed and robustness. This feature is very rare in portable computers generation.

They came with great idea pads used by engineers since long. In simplistic means they know what to do and how to do. They have even gone to the extremes of making a notebook which takes 95 KG of weight like a piece of a cake and it is made with such intelligence that water is like a child play. By this time you hopefully would be familiar enough with the expert sense of Lenovo.

However this time they went into depth and wanted to go in the sphere of tablets which would be a nightmare for the rest of its competitors and a wish came true like lofty present for us, consumers. This product was being rumored now for a very long time known as Lenovo LePad. It is approximately confirmed to be ready for hands on experience this December.

Previously, they were planning to go with some other operating system but now they are pretty sure that Android would be capable enough to give their device a nice experience. To be on the safe side, they also built into their new unique OS style which we would learn about it more as soon as it is released. Not only had they gone to the safer side they also planned to do that never had been done before as they put 2 operating systems in one window 7 and Android. So much so they also let you convert it into a laptop or into a tablet android. It is a two in one experience which will soon arrive to blow away your and to change the scenario of tablets toward an entirely new horizons. We will, certainly, keep you updated and informed about the tech world, for that makes sure you subscribe to our website.

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How To Hire A Small Business Social Media Manager – YUP You’re Going to Need One!

Social media is the latest cutting edge form of business marketing and networking. As a small business owner, you need to take advantage of all of this opportunities. It allows you to directly communicate with the consumer and keep up with changing trends in your market. There are many platforms that you can take advantage of. These include websites and blogging sites, networking sites such as Facebook, video sharing sites, customer review sites and even podcasting sites. But how do you manage all these, when as a business owner your plate is already full thanks to other managerial and executive tasks? This is where a social media manager (SMM) comes in.

A SMM is a professional who is tasked with the responsibility of managing the many profiles you have created or want to create for your business. This means that it’s their job to assist you to create business profiles on the various sites and manage the content posted on those profiles. They can also handle customer service such as answering customers’ questions as well as managing your business’ reputation. You will also get clear explanations on how different platforms work and how they are interconnected.

So, what do you need to consider when hiring a small business social media manager?

1. The ideal SMM is a strategist. This means the person you hire to be your manager must be able to explain to you how they intend to run your marketing campaign. They must have vast experience running digital campaigns and of course with a track record of success.

2. A good SMM is passionate about technology. Social media and technology go hand in hand. As such, a good manager will always know what the latest technology is as this allows them to make progress in the field..They will know what the latest gadgets, apps and inventions are. If you are interviewing a small business SMM who does not seem to care about technology, please run in the opposite direction.

3. A good choice for your SMM is someone who has organizational skills and is knowledgeable. As earlier mentioned, there are many different platforms a small business can use to their advantage. Avoid SM managers who seem to think that Facebook is all there is to social media. Change is consistent in this environment, it can be very challenging to keep up with all of the changes on each and every platform.

When choosing a manager, keep in mind that the person you choose is going to be the face of your company as far as SM marketing is concerned. Therefore, choose someone with business understanding and someone who is able to communicate well with existing and potential customers. An excellent SMM is able to spot opportunities and help you turn those opportunities into profits for your business. As a business owner, you already know that the online consumer holds a lot of power as far as making purchases is concerned. Don’t let the opportunities presented by social media platforms pass you by.

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Top Budget and Personal Finance Apps

Let’s face it, there are some extreme couponers, thrifters, and smart consumers out there always trying to save money and get the best deals. With budgets that much more tight in these tough economic times, it’s okay to get a little help from none other than our smartphone apps. I mean, why not, right? We have our smartphones with us nearly every minute of the day, so this kind of smart budgeting is accessible to anyone. Keep track of your monthly spending, set limits on each category of goodies you purchase, save money, and look up investment ideas and accounts has never been easier. Read on to see how you can always control and be on top of your personal finances. We’ll reveal the top budgeting and smart spending apps for you thrifty shoppers out there!

For one, there are so many budget tracking apps out there, but a really useful one would come with a budget tracker tool that will allow you to view your yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily purchases. You can further categorize them and see visually and through charts and notifications how much you spend exactly in each category. There is also a rollover option for you to transfer leftover funds from previous months or weeks to roll over and won’t mess up your budgeting. Of course, you can always opt out of this option and have a set number of expenses every month.

Another useful app gives you control to add new transactions over your allotted sum of money and spending finances. Pre-setting an overall budget for the entire month, and thereby deducing every time you make a purchase gives you instant updates on the money you have and the money you are losing. These transactions are totally customizable. Currency converters may also be useful if you plan on spending your money in a foreign country. We all get carried away when we travel, but this app makes it easy to stay focused on the budget, even when you’re not familiar with the currency exchange.

Another great app gives you total control over importing your finances onto your phone from an external memory device – your laptop, desktop, or anything with wireless. You can also set a password to manage your personal finances with utmost privacy. Charts and graphs give you short and easy to read summaries of your account activity. You can share these things in the form of PDF, Excel spreadsheet, or import to Google Documents in order to share with your family, business collegiate, execs, or co-workers.

If you are comfortable, some apps may even connect directly to your bank account and give you automatic categorized notifications of your spending. It will constantly update your spending profile and read instant in depth overviews. Any suspicious activity will be announced. Budget tracking is that easy!

In fact, budget tracking has made it easier to keep track of your credit scores, and credit score reports. Why not try to improve your credit score while you are managing your personal finances? If you use the right app, your personal finances will be in a much better place.

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